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Have you got a pest problem in your blocked gutters?

Imagine relaxing inside your home and then you hear the possums making their home in your gutters or roof.

Your gutters provide a perfect environment for pests to build their nests. Whether its possums, rats, snakes, birds or insects, your gutters might be an inviting home for these little fellas.


Blocked gutters

The perfect little home for pests

Many homeowners are unaware that pests have already taken over their guttering until the problem becomes so obvious it can’t be ignored such as roosting pigeons, noisy possums or venomous snakes that can find their way into your roof and into your home.

 Commonly for homeowners across Ipswich, cases of pests inside the home are a result of poorly maintained guttering.


Harmful effects of blocked gutters on your home

When the gutter system collects rainwater from the roof, it also collects tons of debris such as leaves, sticks, dirt, and more. This debris builds up like a dam and blocks the water flow.

If the passage way of the rain water is blocked and cannot make its way to your downpipes, it will start overflowing over the sides.

The water can seep into the cracks along the building foundation and can weaken the structure of your home and leak into your home 

Blocked gutters and leaks promote mould growth which can lead to long-term respiratory problems.

Pests droppings can damage your gutter when they are left on the surface of your guttering over time they can deteriorate the integrity of the materials. This can also invite mosquitoes which sometimes carry diseases.

How to keep your gutters clean and decrease pests living in your gutters


While you can hire a gutter cleaning service, you also have the option to do it yourself with a few important precautionary measures.

You will need your garden hose and gutter scoop for your cleaning equipment. And for your safety, wear protective gear such as non-slip shoes, latex coated gloves, and goggles for eye protection.

 When you’re ready, here’s a guide to help you in gutter cleaning:

  • Find a good spot to place your ladder away from powerlines or other hazards
  • Ensure that the ladder is steady and secure (ideally have someone with you holding the ladder)
  • With your garden hose and gutter scoop, carefully climb up and get a good view of the gutter and the roof
  • Check if you also need to clean the roof first before you go for the guttering system 
  • Scoop out visible debris first before spraying the channels with the garden hose
  • Position the garden hose at the top of the downspout and run it in full blast to check if it’s clogged. Observe the water flow, if it comes back up or if it is slowly draining, there could be a blockage. You can unclog it by tapping the sides of the downpipes to loosen stubborn debris otherwise you can also use a power washer or leaf blower.


Regular cleaning of your guttering system allows you to flush out debris before they pile up making them harder to remove. It also helps you to find small cracks, leaks, or rust damage. You’ll be able to fix it before the problems get bigger. You can use an anti-fungal sealant when fixing these which also reduce mould growth.

Gutter guards installation provides added protection and prevent blockage. There are several kinds of gutter guards you can choose from depending on the type of roof you have.

You can choose screen, mesh, or surface tension gutter guards for your roof. It improves gutter water flow and prevents blockages.

Benefits of gutter guards include: decreases the amount of maintenance as well as provides fire protection to your home by removing dry leaves and other hire hazards especially in bush fire season in QLD! Importantly, gutter guards also prevent pests’ infestation of your guttering because they simply can’t get into your gutters!

Gutter cleaning allow your gutter system to function properly while keeping the pests away. With proper maintenance and protection, you will save time and money.

If your roof is too high or too slanted, gutter cleaning could be risky for you. It is best to contact your local gutter cleaning services to do the job.

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