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Quality Roof Restoration in Ipswich


A roof restoration means to bring your roof back to its original condition or pretty close to it! There are many instances where roof restoration is a better option than replacing your roof all together!

How much your restoration involves will depend on the condition of your existing roof, your budget and the timeframe you need it completed by. The process of roof restoration can involve any of the following professional service:
    • Cleaning
    • Roof Repairs
    • Painting
    • Tile replacement
    • Repointing

    Whilst your roof restoration team is onsite, it is a good opportunity to repair, replace or restore your gutters and downpipes as well!

    They may look good in comparison to your existing roof now, but when your roof is sparkling like new, the old downpipes and gutters will be more obvious and may devalue all the investment you’ve put into your roof restoration.  Our team offers free inspections of your roof and gutter system, contact us to book in a time. 

     Roof Cleaning will give your property serious street appeal


    Ipswich Roof and Gutters offers cleaning services for your roof. Our roofing contractors will transform the look of your roof and thereby the facade of your home!

    The cleaning process will get rid moss, algae and lichen, you may not even really notice it but when you see how clean your roof looks after we’re done with it, you’ll be convinced its a good investment! First impressions are vital, especially when it comes to selling or leasing out your property, or maybe you’re getting a re-evaluation of your property, the state of your roof is vital in adding value to your property. 

    The build up of moss, algae and lichen can lead to drainage problems, blocking the gutters, eroding the surface coats of your existing roof and tiles which can lead to much more costly repairs in the future. 

    Just as with regular gutter cleaning, regular roof cleaning is essential in the longevity of your roof. 


    Roof Repointing and Re-bedding


    The bedding on your roof refers to the concrete mortar that keeps the roof materials such as tiles in place. Over time, this concrete mortar can deteriorate and lead to lose tiles and roof leaking, therefore it is important to maintain it, this is the process of re-bedding. 

    Roof pointing is a strong second layer that goes over the initial roof bedding and helps to further add protection to the roof.

    Both roof repointing and roof re-bedding are services that we offer in our roof restoration service in the Ipswich Region.


    Tile Roof Restoration by local, experienced roofers


    To restore a tiled roof, our roofing contractors will firstly remove any cracked, broken, chipped and defective tiles and replace them with an identical tile that will make your roof watertight and appear cohesive with the rest of your roof. It is important to tend to all and any roofing needs  including repairs throughout the entire roof before painting and sealing it, this is to ensure that you get the best outcome for your investment. 

    Then the surface of the entire roof is cleaned. Depending on your roof type, we will use a high pressure cleaning process to remove any debris, like moss, lichen and algae. If your roof is asbestos, no high pressure equipment is used to reduce the risk of breaking sheeting. However most roofs will be cleaned with high pressure, specialised equipment.

    Following the cleaning, the roofing experts will take care of the ridge caps, by either replacing them or restoring them onto a re-bedded surface.

    Roof repointing is next, we use up to date materials to ensure the best outcome for your roof.

    An anti-fungal spray is next, this will ensure a longer lasting result without the need for further cleaning. 

    Then, the roofer will seal and coat the tiles according to the budget and desired outcomes of the home owner.

    The final step of our Ipswich roof restoration process is for our team will clean up any debrief or messed caused by the entire process.

    Quality Roof Painting Services with a wide range of options


    Sometimes a good coat of paint can do wonders for the overall appearance of your house. Your roof will need to be properly cleaned before a roofer will paint the surface of your roof. You can choose from a wide range of roof paint colours that we can match to suit your home and get you the best longevity from your choice of top coat. 

    How much does it cost to restore a roof in Ipswich?


    Roof restoration cost depend on these factors:

    • the size and pitch of your roof
    • the overall condition of your roof and extent of required repairs
    • how accessible your roof is for our roofers
    • the type of finish you require/budget allows for

    This is why, to give you the fairest and best estimate for the cost of restoring your roof, we offer FREE quotes where we come out to your property in Ipswich or surrounding suburbs and assess the roof ourselves, then we give you the best quote that we can for your roof restoration costs.   

    Ipswich roof restorations

    The benefits of roof restoration and why it is worth investing into

    Why should you restore your roof?

    • Add value to your property

    Your roof is an important factor in determining the value of your property: it can either add value or decrease the value of your property. Peeling paint on an old roof is a big deterrent for a lot of people. It is an obvious but forgotten part of DIY renovations but will make a substantial difference in the outcome of your sale or property valuation.  Full roof restoration services will enable an existing roof to get a new lease on life and last for a whole lot longer than if it is left to deteriorate. 

    The street appeal that a restored roof gives to your property is significant. A home’s exterior can be completely elevated when a new or restored roof is added. Especially important when assessing the value of your home prior to selling or renting. The investment that you put into restoring your roof and gutters will return many fold. When a roof is leaking or is compromised in some way but aesthetically looks good, home owners may ignore the signs that the problem needs to be addressed, however this can lead to much bigger problems in the future that bring with it a higher price tag. 

    • Fix problems promptly before they become bigger issues

    Your roof is also the protector of your house and belongings from the elements, and we all know how unpredictable the QLD elements can be, so your roof needs to be reliable. For this reason, your roof needs to be in good condition to be able to protect you.

    Replacing your roof can be a very costly exercise, you may be able to restore your roof instead, to ensure that you don’t compromise on the safety or longevity of your home but that you also save money.  A damaged roof may not requires a whole new roof to be replaced, it could be repaired instead, speak to our roofers today to see what we can do to repair your roof. 

    For example if you have a metal roof and you have noticed a small amount of rust in an area of your roof, it is important to address the rust before any paint of sealant is applied. A metal roof can be restored like any other material, but to get the best outcome for your investment into restoring your roof, you’ll need to get a roof restoration experts involved prior to painting. 


    Types of roofs that we restore

    Metal roofing, including Colorbond

    Tiles roofs including concrete tiles and terracotta tiles

    Ashphalt roofing 

     The most common type of roof restoration 

    The most common material of roofing in the roof restoration industry are tiles. This is because it is a very common building material for roofs. Metal roof restorations are increasingly becoming more popular in the local area, especially for renovated Queenslanders. Due to the harsh weather QLD sees on a regular basis, especially in the storm season, roofs see a beating that can require specialist restoration services. Metal roofs are a durable and less expensive option than tiles due to the labour involved in installing a tiled roof. 

    Tiled roofs are durable, they come in such a huge range of aesthetic varieties that they can be suited to almost any home. Broken tiles can lead to leaks and eventually to deterioration of the roof and ceiling structures which can lead to mould growth and many other long term problems. Usually a broken tile is found to be as a result of a branch or something landing on the tile on an unfortunate angle and cracks it. Most often, tiles can simply be replaced by a roofer as part of a roof repair or roof restoration process depending on the condition of the rest of your roof. 



    What is the process to get your roof restored in Ipswich?

    1. Book in for your free roof inspection and quote 

    To give you the best quote and estimation for your roof, your trusted roofing contractor needs to be able to see and examine the condition of your existing roof, inspect any damage and give you the best advice for your unique situation

    2. If your roofing contractor deems that a roof restoration is a better option than a roof replacement, the next step will be to high pressure wash your roof.

    3. Once the surface is clean and your roof is free of mould and debris, your roofing contractor may need to re-bed and repoint areas of your roof with products that are flexible, durable and will withstand the harsh Queensland weather.

    Rest assured that at Ipswich Roof and Gutters, we don’t cut any corners!

    4. The clean and prepared roof surface then needs to be sealed to make sure that the top coats adhere strongly to the roof surface which means greater longevity for the life of your roof restoration including the paint job!

    5. Once the surface is properly sealed, the roofer will apply the top coats of roof paint to give your roof that brand spankin’ new look that your neighbours will be raving on about!

    6. Your roofing contractor will tidy up and make sure that your property is left better than when you first hired us!


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