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Your roof is exposed to the elements 365 days a year. It inevitably will deteriorate in some areas more than others.

Your roof is exposed and often damaged by storms, fallen trees or other debris, pests, mould or algae that erodes the surface of your roof, especially in Ipswich, where the weather is dramatic and summer time storms are commonplace.

You may notice a leak in your roof, or maybe a cracked tile or two, these are signs that your roof needs urgent repair, before the small problem becomes a big, costly repair for you and your family.


roof repair Ipswich

Ipswich Roof Repairs

If you notice a leaking roof in your home, you will need to repair the roof. Call a Licensed Roofing Contractor to get an assessment of your damaged roof and find out what you need to do to repair the roof. 

Maybe some tiles need to be replaced, or maybe the roof sealing needs to be replaced, until you investigate the cause of the leak, the problem will still be there, growing the longer you leave it!

Repair Tile Roof

Tiles are one of the most popular choices for roofing materials in Australia. Tiles are a great choice for your roofing material because of durability, selection of looks and ease of repair. Tiles, although durable roofing materials, do deteriorate over time and may require repair due to cracks in the roofing tiles, when branches fall on them or a storm damages their integrity. Ridge capping that deteriorates might also be a reason for the leaking roof.

This is when a professional roofing contractor need to be involved. If you notice a leaking roof you need to get it looked at ASAP! It may be a simple repair of a few tiles, but the longer you leave it, the bigger the problem will be and the more costly it will be to repair the roof.


Metal Roof Repairs

If your metal roof is rusty you might be better off replacing the roof than repairing it. You will need to get a professional to give you a reliable assessment and quote on what it would take to repair your metal roof and if it is even worth investing in. If it is a small amount of rust, our roofing contractors might be able to repair the area however if the rust is widespread, you might need to consider a metal roof replacement. First thing is first, get a licensed local roofing contractor out to your property to give you reliable, good advice that has your best interest in mind!

Another reason why a metal roof might need to be repaired is because it was not installed correctly. In this case, our roofing contractors can repair this roof, to ensure no leaks and peace of mind!


Roof Leak Repairs Ipswich

Maybe you noticed a little trickle of water in your home form the ceiling, or perhaps it a whole lot more water than that, especially after a storm, whatever the size of the leak, a leaking roof is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed right away! There could be many reasons why your roof is leaking, contact a roofing contractor who can investigate thoroughly to find the real cause for the leaking roof! 

A leak in a roof will spread, the damage is more than just the area that gets wet, you have to consider that it is not a one time occurrence, once there is a break in the watertight seal of your roof, there will continue to be problems until the leak is addressed by a licensed roofing repair contractor.

A leak in your roof can also lead to big problems with the stability of your home, when the foundations are repeatedly exposed to moisture, there can be movement in the foundations of your house, mould can develop and let’s face it, no one wants a bucket on the ground in the living room long term. 

The instant that you notice there is a leak of any kind in your home, it is important to seek out professional help from a roofing contractor, they are specialised in identifying the cause of the problem, not just putting a bandaid on the leak! 

Ipswich roof repairs

Emergency Roof Repairs Ipswich

The nature of an emergency is that it happens unexpectedly. Maybe a tree has fallen onto your roof, or a storm has cracked multiple tiles and you are finding leaks in your roof left right and centre, you need to know that a professional, licensed roofing contractor will be there to address the problem when you need it. That is why at Ipswich Roof and Gutters, we prioritise the emergency jobs first, we get the urgent problems fixed as soon as we can. When you are in need of an emergency roof repair, give us a call, we will be able to be there at your property in a flash and start putting tarps and other materials down to ensure that the damage doesn’t go any further.

Commercial Roof Repair in Ipswich

We have talked about the roof of your home so far, but don’t forget that your business or commercial property also has a roof that needs regular maintenance and repair! Your assets, whether your home or your commercial property are worth protecting with a reliable, durable roof. Ipswich Roof and Gutters offer commercial roofing and guttering services as well in the Ipswich region and surrounding areas.

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